Charisma SEG/LED Slim Profile Light Boxes

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Product Details 

  • 3-1/8" deep fabric lightbox, SEG channel on front for graphics and on back for reflective backer
  • Lights - Each light strip has LEDs, with wide beam angles, for light efficiency and low heat. By default, lights are on both largest sides (4 sides lit is available upon request)
  • ~3" Deep lightbox provides slim profile lightbox with powerful edge lighting
  • Buy custom size SEG Lightboxes right now 24/7 from our site!
  • Finish - Satin silver aluminum anodized (standard). Custom powder coated lightbox quoted upon request
  • Light color temperature is 6500K
  • Power cord - Single power cord directly from the lightbox for most common sizes. Specify desired cord location
  • Unit is UL Certified with individually numbered stickers on each segment
  • Lengths longer than 93" are in 2 sections
  • If purchasing graphics, reference our graphic templates. You'll be contacted by our graphics department to upload your file.
  • Tool-Free Construction
  • UL Certified Lightbox for safety

Charisma SEG/LED Slim Profile Light Boxes™ are designed with a clean aesthetic in mind. They are a 3-1/8" deep fabric lightbox with powerful edge lighting making it one of the thinnest lightboxes in the industry.  This slim fabric lightbox is a great solution to create ambiance with lifestyle images for retail spaces, and to help set the mood. Skinny light boxes help bring in traffic and keep your advertising dollars working around the clock.  In addition to retail environments, our Slim SEG lightboxes have been used in airports, arenas, banks, hospitals and grocery stores.  They make a great Wall Mount Lightbox for showrooms and tradeshows.  

 Working with visual merchandisers day after day, we know what our designers, and brands are looking for.  They want a slim profile, to minimize the appearance of outlets and power cords, standard and custom design options, the best lighting and easy graphics integration.   

 This SEG lightbox can be designed so the power outlet and cord can be hidden inside the box, as long as you have the appropriate electrical connections.  The slim LED light box is only 3 1/18” thick so the frame design has minimal protrusion from the wall.  The SEG Slim Lightbox is also edge illuminated. Our proprietary design ensures light in every direction around the box.  No one wants their lightbox to be dark in the middle and light on the outside so we recommend using a reflective backer (sold separately) to ensure consistent illumination. For your convenience, you can supply your own reflective backer for your slim SEG lightbox or we can include a reflective backer with your order. The thin Fabric lightbox is designed for use with Stretch fabric SEG graphics creating a stunning combination that will make your images POP!   

 Our SEG lightboxes, LED lightboxes, and slim light boxes are all UL certified for safety. They make for easy installation including as a single sided lightbox box which can be installed as a horizontal ceiling mount lightbox, a vertical ceiling mount lightbox, a wall mount lightbox, a horizontal floor mount lightbox or a vertical floor mount lightbox.  These thin SEG light boxes and LED lightboxes are made by us in house, so make us your one stop shop for custom lightboxes, custom SEG lightboxes, custom LED lightboxes and custom slim lightboxes.  

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