Classic Banner Stands W/Hook/Loop

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Product Details: 
  • Adjustable height banner stand
  • Trouble-free clutch for secure locking.
  • Available as a single sided or double sided banner stand
  • Available 24” wide or 36” 
  • Adjustable height 36”- 96” center poles.
  • Hook/Loop Mount top crossbar attaches to pole top.
  • Bottom crossbar can travel up & down.
  • Build in clutch locking mechanism 
  • Available in standard silver or black
  • Available with travel, square, round or presto base 
This Classic Banner Stand is a beautiful display stand used for promotional or advertising purposes. It is a Hook/Loop banner stand using Velcro ™ Brand Fastener which is a fastening system with tiny hooks on one side and small loops on the other side so when they are pressed together they interlock, creating a very secure bond.  
With this classic banner stand with hook and loop, the hooks are attached to the frame on the top and the bottom.  The loops are typically then attached onto the banner material on the top and the bottom. The hook and loop fastening system ensures that the banner material is securely attached to the frame, preventing it from slipping or sagging during use.  Additionally, this adjustable height banner stand can be reused with different banners, allowing for cost-effective advertising and the Velcro ™ Brand Fastener makes it easy to swap out your fabric or styrene graphics but keep the hardware for years to come.  
This hook and loop banner stand is available in 24" wide hook and loop banner stand or 36” wide hook and loop banner stand. The center poles can adjust from 36” high banner stand to 96” high banner stand with a built-in A-clutch lock mechanism for a secure fit.  They are available as a single sided hook-and-loop banner stand or a double-sided hook-and-loop banner stand.  When you use our two-sided hook & loop banner stand you can double your advertising with one piece of hardware, and bring this adjustable banner stand up to 8 ft high! 
If you need a custom adjustable banner stand these are made in the USA and manufactured in-house so they can be customized to your needs.  This is a great option when you need an economy banner stand, because our portable hook-and-loop banner stand is a perfect fit because it is not only well designed, it is also so affordable. 
Portability is important when it comes to selecting the right hook and loop banner stand.  This model is available with a travel base banner stand. If you are looking for banner stand hardware and carrying case this Velcro™ banner stand is perfect for traveling because it is available with an optional padded carrying case.  In addition to the travel base, this single upright banner stand is available as a square base banner stand, or a round base banner stand. 
This banner stand is so easy to set up and take down so you can take your hook and loop tension fabric banner stand on the road and give your sales team a professional, portable, visual display tool that is perfect for trade shows, conferences, sales presentations and clients appointments.   

  • SQ - Square steel base with inner support bushing, in a handsome satin silver or matte black finish.
  • TB - Travel Base offers a modern design. Fits travel bag. Texture powder-coated finish.  
  • RD - Round Base,  11" round 5 lb. base: Heavy duty steel bases, with inner support bushing, satin powder coated finish.
  • PB - Presto Base: Internal shock cord mechanism, assembles like Presto.  Use with travel bag.

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