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Product Details:
Top entry slot / top load steel graphic frame
Works with 3MM EPVC, 3MM sintra and 3MM thick graphics
Full 5/32" inside dimension on loading side
Use with up to to 5/32" thick media
Live Area: 5/8" margin is covered by the frame
1/2" wide Steel frame and 1/2" profile steel frame
All steel sign frame
Satin Matte Black finish with custom colors available in quantity 
Choices include size and orientation
o VM - With Steel stem uprights
o TP - Frame welded to base
Electrically welded
Custom colors available, in quantity
Imprintable with your logo 
Choose from horizontal or vertical orientation 
Lense sold separately, pricing available upon request 
When you need thin steel countertop frames our CounterTop Framettes ™ are one of our most popular counter top signholders. They are durable, lightweight, versatile, compact and most of all, one of our most affordable countertop sign frames. Use them in varying heights, orientations, and with tiered designs to maximize visual display tools for less, draw attention to key features, guide customers path to purchase, upsell or use for promotional purposes. They can increase the likelihood of customers making additional purchases and are very popular as point-of-purchase displays, also known as POP displays. 
Our Framette countertop sign holder is electrically welded and made of steel. It has a ½” wide steel frame profile for a clean look. It comes standard in our Satin Matte Black finish.  These counter top sign frames are available in three standard sizes including 7” x 11”, 8 ½” x 11”, and 11” x 14”.  With Testrite, we make it easy to customize your visual display hardware with custom colors, including PMS color matching and powder coating, and custom sizes available upon request.   
These thin steel poster frames are designed for standard paper sizes and work with 3MM boards. The slide in frames design allows you to easily drop in graphics from above plus quickly install and swap out graphics anytime.  With sufficiently thick media (e.g. 3MM), you can even stack graphics and for thinner media you can order a protective lens which can be quoted or sold separately. 
These countertop displays offer the most flexibility in adapting to seasonal or promotional themes and can be easily decorated or customized with themed props, accessories, or colors to match a particular holiday, season, or campaign. This versatility allows retailers to keep their displays fresh and engaging, creating a dynamic shopping experience. Because the frames are open on top, you can also use graphic headers that extend above the frame.
Depending on the type of graphics and utility needed, choose from two base options, either the countertop framette made with steel stem uprights or the topper framette and the frame is welded directly to the base.  When ordering you can also select vertical or horizontal orientation.  Use these steel graphic frames with single or double sided media.
This thin profile drop in graphic frame channel is designed to hold thin graphics and is perfect for up close messaging.  Use them on bar countertops, sales countertops and displays, customer service countertops and more to create the ultimate tabletop sign holder.  You can even upgrade your countertop frame with an imprintable logo to help your brand stand out.  
Countertop signholders like these are designed to attract attention, create visual interest, and enhance the overall presentation of products in a retail or exhibition environment.  Order online, contact us with questions, discuss custom needs, or get in touch today for a quick quote. 

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