Flair Perimeter Frames

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3/16” Recessed Graphic Seat 
Available in multiple standard sizes
Frameless look with 1/16" surround "lip"
Available standard in Satin Silver or Matte Black 
Accepts semi-rigid or rigid media
Aluminum hanging cleats included
Ultra clean, modern minimalist look
Units ship ready for quick and easy assembly
Bulk packed for efficient shipping
Ideal aluminum frame for Dibond prints 
Provide a framed look for ACM prints
Work with rigid and semi-rigid media (rigid more ideal)
Use with multiple graphic media types including: 
o Steel or aluminum plates
o Fine art digital prints
o Coroplast
o Foamcore
o Styrene
Multiple Suggested Mounting Styles - we make the frame, you decide how to mount your graphics to it (mounting materials to attach your graphics to the frame not included)
o Foam tape Mounting
o Low profile hook/loop mounting
o Magnetic receptive tapes with flexible magnets
The Flair Perimeter Frame is a low profile perimeter framing system specifically designed to provide a slim, unobtrusive appearance while offering structural integrity and functionality to interior spaces.  They are engineered to be as thin as possible to provide a clean visual aesthetic that easily integrates into the background.
The thin perimeter frame consists of aluminum extrusions with a flat surface for graphic, a 3/16” high lip and a french cleat receptor built in for easy mounting to a wall.   Easily mount them on walls, built-ins, countertops, hotel doors, elevator walls, and more.  
Our hanging perimeter frames are made from lightweight aluminum and available as a black perimeter frame, silver perimeter frame or a custom color perimeter frame.  We specialize in custom solutions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a custom version of our Flair Perimeter frame, or any of our products. Some ways the Flair Perimeter Frames can be customized include: 
Wall “lockable” Flair Frames
Custom Sizes
Custom Brackets
Custom Colors
These thin aluminum sign holders are available as an 8 ½” x 11” perimeter frame, 11” x 14” perimeter frame, 11” x 17” perimeter frame, 14” x 22” perimeter frame, 22” x 28” perimeter frame, 24” x 36” perimeter frame and 24” x 48” perimeter frame.  We can also make custom perimeter frames.  Order the hanging perimeter frame based on the graphic size being used. 
These thin perimeter frames were designed to hold all manner of rigid and non-rigid graphics including Sintra/EPVC, Foamcore, ACM/Dibond, dye sublimation panels/Chromalux, and more.  When design requirements call for a frameless graphic mount this is the best option.  These can be used as mounts for 1/8" thick graphics, 3mm thick graphic mounts, or as mount for .060" thick graphics. One popular use for the Flair is for use as a Dibond graphic mount.    These thin graphic mounts work better than wall cleats and are sometimes used as an upgrade from french cleats. 
Our low profile Flair frames are ideal for many applications. Use them as a frameless graphic mount which enables an SEG look with rigid panels or rigid graphics. Use them as an ACM Graphic mount for use with Aluminum Composite Media. Similarly, they could be used as EPVC graphic mounts or as Coroplast graphic mount.   One of the features our customers like best is they can choose what type of adhesive to apply behind their graphics. By using Hook/Loop or a removable adhesive, these can be used as reusable graphic mounts. Or use them as a frame for sublimated graphic panels (e.g. as a frame for Chromalux), or for brushed aluminum graphic panels or brushed steel graphic panels. These can also be used as acrylic graphic mounts or to mount plastic or glass prints.

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