Modern Round Tower Display Case

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Fully Assembled - No Assembly Required!

The GL121 is a special glass round tower display case. Its circular shape gives off a modern feel. The GL121 comes with four 1/4" thick glass shelves to display different objects. Also, it comes with wheels to facilitate movement of the case. The GL121 is a unique round tower display case that will display objects from all angles to highlight the detail of the objects.

Standard Features

Delivered fully assembled

Three LED top lights

Four 1/4" thick glass shelves

Locking hinged door

Electrical cord with switch



LED sidelights

Additional top lights

Mirror deck


Locking wheels


Width: 22"

Depth: 22"

Total height: 75.25"

Glass height: 65"

Top cabinet: 3.5"

Bottom cabinet: 6.25"

Product weight: 179 lbs

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