Slatwall - 3"OC - Grooved for Inserts - Paint Grade

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Paint Grade, vertical panel grooved for aluminum inserts.
This slatwall panel is grooved over-sized to accept our aluminum inserts only and cannot be used without them.

If another style or manufacturer of insert is used, then the inserts may not fit into the panel and the hardware will not fit as designed. Please speak to one of our sales people if you have questions.

Slatwall panel measures 4 feet wide x 8 feet high with standard slotting of 3 inches on center.

Vertical panel is 3/4" and made of (MDF) medium density fiberboard with 4foot wide slots.

Maximum weight capacity is 75 lbs. per square foot WITH aluminum inserts.

$25 Crating charge on all slatwall orders shipped less than 20 panels.

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